We are Carbon Neutral

world moving and storage

World Moving are a Carbon Neutral company, we pride ourselves in our commitment to the environment and being sustainable for the future.

World Moving is very proud to be Carbon Neutral. Being "carbon neutral" means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we, as a company, put in. How can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? One way is to buy "carbon offsets". This supports projects like a wind farm or solar park. It helps make clean energy more affordable and reduces future greenhouse gas emissions to compensate our travel and electricity use today. World Moving supports a Wind Turbine project in India.

The burning of fossil fuels produces huge amounts of Carbon and India does not have the resources or funding available like other countries do to change this practice. It is a privilege to be contributing in this way.

What does Carbon Neutral mean for World Moving?

World Moving is the first New Zealand removals industry player to have built a credible sustainability story to tell our customers. Increasingly businesses are asking their freight companies to provide the carbon emission data for the freight moved on their behalf. If the Freight Company is carbon neutral it reduces the company’s carbon liability if it, too, is carbon neutral.