Specialists in Pet Transport 

We arrange pet transport with reliable partner companies to ensure the safe travel of your pets within New Zealand or overseas.

Customers taking pets with them as they move in New Zealand or abroad need every assurance of a safe and secure journey for their furry friends. Over the years, we have established sound relationships who offer reliable and competitive services for pickup, veterinary treatments, boarding, quarantine and delivery. We hold these partners to high standards and treat them like the World Moving family.

Pets are part of your family. We want to ensure your move is easy and stress-free for them and you.

Have questions about pet transport? 

Click here to read information on bringing cats and dogs to New Zealand.

Click here to read full regulations and requirements.

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Experienced, Trained and Reliable team.

Our team shares decades of experience conducting moving and relocation projects of all shapes and sizes. We are committed to providing high-quality training and equipment for our staff. We have the best minds and hands the business, and facilitate all moves ourselves. As a team, we share a common vision and passion to be the best movers in New Zealand.

Every moving project provides us with the opportunity “to continually learn and strive to be the most reputable business and employer in our industry, whilst creating financial sustainability and opportunity for our shareholders and employees.”

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