Moving to New Zealand

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Moving to New Zealand

We know, and you know, this is simply the best country in the world! You are making a great decision  moving to Aotearoa, New Zealand. We are very proud of our country and will always ensure we provide you with the best possible service so you receive a great "Kiwi" experience from the minute you start dealing with us.

We are 100% Kiwi owned and operated and therefore take everything we do personally and believe it is a reflection of ourselves, so we want to ensure it is a pleasant and memorable experience because so much of our business is word of mouth. We simply cannot afford any problems.

We are experienced in handling your possessions, whether it is one suitcase or a complete five bedroom house, by both sea and airfreight, and are able to offer you competitive rates for our outstanding services.  To this end, we have fully trained and experienced employees and managers.

We can coordinate up to three independent quotations from local export packing companies in your area. We will work with you to ensure they are providing the correct information and service you need - at the right price. We will then coordinate all of the shipping to New Zealand as well as the customs, quarantine clearances. This way you will have a solid point of contact right here in New Zealand throughout the process.

Or - if you have already loaded your own container and have pre-paid the shipping to a New Zealand port - we can offer advice and services so you can get your goods quickly and efficiently.

We have a fantastic relationship with both New Zealand customs and MPI (quarantine), simply because they know we know what we are doing. We can arrange all your customs needs and MPI inspections with minimal hassle and very quickly.

With World Moving you are benefitting from the added advantage of our experienced export packers to do your unloading and unpacking. We pride ourselves on the fact we do not use casual labour or "ring ins" for any of our work. Our people are reliable and highly trained export packers, who enjoy their jobs. You will notice the difference.

All the above means we manage to keep everything within our own control. This hopefully offers you peace of mind knowing  you are using a New Zealand owned and family run company which prides itself on old fashioned attitudes and values and genuinely cares about your possessions. We take everything we do personally, and that's not a sales pitch, that is the way it is.