Breakfast Club

What makes us different
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Breakfast Club is where World Moving staff are provided with a daily breakfast, costing them $2 per day, including a cooked breakfast three times a week.

The breakfast club has provided a great environment for social and team interaction. We reap the benefits of building a good company culture and more productive staff who have a healthy breakfast to kick start their day. Additionally, their personal money is not wasted on takeaway food which does not provide them with enough fuel to get through the day.

A good nutritional start to the day makes staff more alert, motivated and positive. It adds to the team culture and creates a highly energised workforce in a physical sense. For our customers this leads to fewer damages and faster job completion, as well as a happy and positive team who appreciate their work environment and serve our customers well.

We have engaged the services of professional nutritionists to help all staff make healthy, sensible dietary decisions in their work life and at home.

Video by TV1 on the World Moving Breakfast: