Worry-Free Storage Solutions

Simplify Your Moving Process with Professional Storage Solutions

Moving can be a daunting task, especially when juggling various responsibilities within tight timelines. To ease your transition and streamline your moving process, consider the benefits of professional storage solutions. We know that things don’t always go to plan. World Moving & Storage, we can store your belongings for as long or as little time as you need.

Secured and Well-Maintained Storage Warehouse

Our commitment to the safety and preservation of your possessions is evident in our state-of-the-art storage facility. Equipped with 24-hour security monitoring, fire protection systems, and regular pest control measures, our warehouse maintains a pristine environment for your items. We understand the importance of providing you with complete peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are safeguarded and well-maintained throughout their stay in storage.

Flexible and Secure

Our warehouse is fenced and equipped with an alarm system. You can even use your personal padlock for added security. Each item’s location is meticulously documented for strict inventory control.

Transparency and Access

Feel free to inspect our facility during working hours. We value transparency and want you to be confident in your storage choice.

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Car, Boat, and Storage Solutions

Customised Storage Solutions for Every Move

Whether you’re moving homes or offices, our storage options are tailored to your needs. specialised packs for house and office relocations, ensure a seamless experience.

Large-Scale Storage

Our spacious 20-foot containers can accommodate even the most substantial relocations. Trust World Moving & Storage for efficient and secure storage.

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Best Inventory Management Practices

Expert Packing Services for a Smooth Transition

Combine our expert packing services with storage solutions for a comprehensive moving experience. If you’ve already packed, we seamlessly continue the process, maintaining the highest inventory management and packing standards.

Care and Accessibility

From transport to our warehouse to long-term storage, your items receive top-notch care. Our team ensures easy access to your stored possessions whenever you need them.

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Be in Safe Hands with World Moving & Storage 

Trusted Professionals for Your Storage Needs

Rely on our experienced team for packing, moving, and storing your belongings. Our dedicated professionals uphold the highest standards, making us the leading movers in New Zealand.

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  • We have lots of different storage options available to suit your budget. You can store with us for a day, a week or for years, and we make the whole process seamless. 
  • We can bring one of our clean and breathable storage containers to you, load it up and then return it to our facility to store. Then, when you are ready to unload we deliver your container to your door, untouched since it was packed. By avoiding double handling, we reduce the cost of your storage and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Our facilities are modern, secure, have monitored alarms and have camera surveillance. Our facilities are bonded by Customs and MPI, which means it is not possible to draw from your storage on a regular basis, but ensures the security of your belongings. 

Because of our great experienced and caring team we have very few damages, however mistakes can happen. All goods are moved at owners’ risk. However, we can offer you different levels of insurance, full cover “Accidental Loss” for all dents and scratches etc., or a less comprehensive “Limited Cover” that will cover you if everything is lost due to the truck or container overturning.

Please click here for our insurance FAQs or contact your consultant for further clarification.


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