Moving house? Things to let the movers pack and items you should pack yourself

Moving houses

It’s safe to say that until you actually decide to move, you don’t realise how much stuff you own. It can get overwhelming and you’ve certainly made the smart decision if you’ve hired professional packers and movers to do the heavy lifting. Moving companies are systematic and methodical. They’ll get the job done faster than if you were to pack up your whole house by yourself.

Although you may be able to pack things like clothes and bedding with relative ease, finding the right boxes, cartons and other materials to pack up your expensive glass decorative or floor lamp will leave you frustrated. Professional local and international movers come with all the supplies to get your furniture, appliances, silverware and everything in between packed up. So, whether you’re just moving down the street or across states, leave it to the packing services experts for a relatively stress-free move out.

With that said, it doesn’t mean you should leave the job in its entirety up to the moving companies. So, if you’re in the market to simply keep it local and move houses in Christchurch or go international, there are certainly some things you should pack yourself. With that said, here’s a list of items you should leave up to the professionals and things you should pack yourself.

Things to let Professional Movers Pack

1. Odd shaped items

It’ll eat into your time if you decide to source the boxes, bubble wrap and tape to box up odd shaped items. Not to mention, if they’re fragile, you might end up damaging your items. Let the packers box up your tall ceramic vases, mantel pieces and even that ultra thin HD TV. They’re trained to box unusually shaped items with the most efficiency.

2. Fragile items

Fragile items require extra cushioning and sometimes doubling the bubble wrap isn’t enough. Packers know exactly how to pack fragile items – whether that be your expensive china, your expensive decoratives and artwork, leave it to the experts.

3. Re/Disassemble furniture

It is really not worth pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to disassemble big pieces of furniture only have to go through the horrors again of resembling it once you move into your new place. Moving is already relatively stressful and adding even more pressure on yourself is not worth it. Professional packers have an arsenal full of materials to safely pack and transport big pieces of furniture with minimal to no damage.

Things you should pack yourself

1. Jewellery, important documents, money, etc.

Sensitive and valuable items such as jewellery or documents such as insurance papers, passports and currency should be packed yourself. Although movers are organised and trained to pack a plethora of things, it’ll give you a peace of mind knowing you packed things of vital importance. In addition to that, you’ll never know when you’ll need to access documents or any personal items in the midst of all the other boxes. Save yourself some trouble and pack personal items so you don’t fall into a rut trying to find them.

2. Clothes

Most of us have some experience with packing clothes. Although professional packers will box up clothes, bedding and anything material, you will save yourself some money if you pack up your own clothes or at least some of it. A quick Google search will help you find the best and most efficient way to pack your clothes. You also don’t need a lot of supplies – a standard box and duct tape will do the job for you.

3. Pantry staples and immediate-use items

Ideally, it is not recommended that you move perishable items as they may leak into other things. But if you have non-perishable pantry items with a long shelf-life, you can pack these up yourself to save a bit of extra money. Additionally, if you know you’ll be using some things immediately as you move into your new house, pack them up on your own so you can access them easier.

4. Anything with sentimental value

Whether it be a framed picture or personal collections of sorts, you’d be better off packing them. Although you may agree to a type of insurance policy with your movers and packers, items with sentimental value cannot be replaced. Save yourself the heartache and pack them up.

Moving houses can be a daunting and lengthy process but if you arrange professional packers and furniture movers to do the heavy lifting, the whole ordeal will be a lot easier, stress-free and efficient. Professional movers are trained to pack with robotic speeds and punctuality, so, let them do their job. But packing certain things yourself will also save up some extra money and the worry.

Moving houses? Let the professionals take the stress out of it and have the World Moving and Storage experts get your moving sorted in no time.

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