World Moving & Storage Ltd was established in 2004 by its founder Raymond Dobbe. Since then it has grown into one of New Zealand’s most respected and awarded removal companies, winning 4 Westpac Business awards, environmental and advertising awards. World Moving will move you locally, around the country or around the world.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions World get asked – however, if you have any other question or concern, please contact us on 0800 4 world or at sales@worldmoving.co.nz

What virus safety measures are in place for World staff and World Customers?

All trucks are equipped with sanitiser bottles and sprays. The trucks are cleaned with sanitising spray morning and night. Staff have the option of wearing gloves and masks if they wish to, or at our client’s request. Our full safety Guide for staff and clients designed for COVID-19 can found by clicking here >> COVID-19 Safety Plan for your delivery

How much does it cost to move house in New Zealand?

Every move is different, depending on your expectations, the volume of furniture and personal effects you have, access to the house, how far you are moving, if you need storage etc. There are so many scenarios to consider, and we have lots of cost effective, safe and reliable options. We recommend you call us to discuss your options and requirements. Ultimately, if you chose a Fixed price quote, these are all based on our estimated time, distance, and materials we have calculated for your move.

We also offer Hourly rate options which, with our, work fit and honest team this option can be very cost effective if you are nicely organised and/or wish to chip in with the “hard yards” on the day.

How much does it cost to ship overseas?

Again, this is all dependant on how much you are moving and where you are moving to. We have options from one box, to a full household, via Baggage, LCL, Groupage, airfreight or FCLs. See shipping terms here. From $250 to $12,000 or more. The general rule is the more you move, the cheaper it is per m3 (cubic meter). A full container is the cheapest option, so having a “must go” list, and a “if it fits” list is a great idea. If you only have a few items to take that can be boxed, we have a Baggage service that is slightly cheaper as it is priced for only one person to collect and deliver with no unpack.

For many countries we ship regular containers monthly, so we are able to provide an FCL and a Groupage (shared) container rate. Groupage is cheaper than LCL (less than container) because there is no need to crate the whole consignment together from protection, so the “shopped volume” and costs associated with an individual consignment is much lower.

How can I get a quote for my removal?

You have various options for getting a price for your move:

  • Sending us a list of what you have to move to sales@worldmoving.co.nz
  • Calling and discussing your move with one of our sales team by phoning 0800 4 world 0800 4 96753
  • Doing a video survey with one of our experienced consultants
  • Booking for one of our lovely trained consultants to visit your home
What areas do World Moving move to?

We can move you to or from anywhere. We have our own branches in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington for any NZ based moves.

We have partners all over the world who we engage for moving to or from New Zealand. We meet with our partners annually and two separate conventions. One convention in the USA each October and one convention in Asia in March. These are important meetings for us to discuss quality expectations, and our partner’s performance

How much does it cost to move to New Zealand – can you do this?

Yes – we do a lot of this with our overseas’ partners. We also have a corporate offering where we will assist to relocate their new recruits to NZ by getting up to three of our partners to meet with the relocate and submit a quote to us to choose the best around offering and then manage the move. We can offer resettlement services to where we can assist the family to find a suitable suburb, home, schools etc so the family settle quickly, and the relocate can get productive at work faster.

When do I have to Pay for my removal?

We ask that you pay a deposit of $400 at the time of booking your removal and then the total invoice two days prior to the move. We must have cleared funds before we execute your removal. If we are moving you on an hourly rate we will discuss options for you based on your move.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes you can, we take Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These companies do take a commission from us, so that must be passed on as the margins we work on are not great enough to absorb those as well. The commission rate is generally 2,5% on Visa and Mastercard with American Express @3.5%. We do not take other cards e.g. Bartercard or Q card.

How long will it take to do my move?

Once we have discussed and explored your needs with our consultant and they have a clear understanding of volume, access details, distance and if any packing is required, we will be able to give you a better indication of the time we expect to take for the different stages of your move. Please do appreciate however, that traffic and weather conditions, house sizes, contents and move requirements are different from customer to customer. Any indication of the time required will be our best estimate with the information provided and does not form a guarantee.

How quickly can I move – how much notice do we require?

We can move you on the same day if it is really urgent, and sometimes we do. However, for best results we like to have as much notice as possible so we can consult with you and plan our staff, truck and resources accordingly and efficiently.

Some will give us 3 months’ notice, others a couple of days – we prefer at least two weeks, so our clients are not disappointed if we are completely Booked out. When we are full, we are full. We will not dilute our great service or risk our great reputation by hiring labour hire.

What makes World Moving’s staff so Special?

We do not use Labour Hire companies or casual staff, all our staff are contracted to us on permanent waged contracts. We care about them and we pay them ethically, well above their peers from other companies. We pay them from the time they sign in until they are back at the yard and finished for the day, unlike many companies who only pay their staff for the time they are at your house. We believe that is not ethical and does not always promote a loyal and trustworthy team.

Can I trust the men, will they be careful with my precious things?

We do not have theft issues at World Moving which can be prevalent in our industry. We also have very few damages, because our guys are cared for, they care, and are work fit and are trained.

Are your staff police checked?

Yes all our staff are police checked and their licences are monitored by Driver Check NZ

What size truck will I need?

This again depends on the nature of your move and the access at each of the addresses you are moving to and from. If you have a large home a large truck might sound logical, however, maybe one of the driveways is not wide enough for a large truck, or there are powerlines over the drive that a large truck would hit.

Sometimes using a smaller truck and doing two or three quick trips is more efficient if the new home is nearby.  Sometimes if you have a difficult access, we will need to use a small “shuttle” truck to run between the home and the large truck out on the road.

We can discuss and plan for all this when we understand more about your move.

Do you offer full or part packing options?

Yes – all our staff are trained to pack anything in your home. Often, we will pack everything for our clients so they can concentrate to their jobs or the other jobs that need to be done for the removal.

Other times we may just pack the hard areas like the kitchen and china cabinet, while the clients pack the bedrooms and garage, taking the opportunity to have a good cull at the same time.

Can we buy cartons and packing materials from you?

Yes – we have a wide range of professional quality packing materials and cartons that we are happy to sell and deliver to you at very reasonable prices, often cheaper than most. Sometimes we do have second hand cartons that we can offer at half price too.

Will you use our cartons or the original appliance materials?

Yes – if the materials are suitable for the job, we are happy to use them. We are also happy to use original cartons etc for things like computer monitors, microwaves and TVs – no problem.

Will World Moving Move us if we pack everything ourselves with our own cartons?

Yes, of course. However, please ensure you use suitable cartons so that our team are not held up or put at physical risk. e.g. please do not use huge cartons and fill them with books that would risk a back injury. Do not use hundreds and hundreds of very small cartons either so our teams are doing too many trips – this becomes uneconomic.

You are best to use good strong boxes that are designed for moving. Please ensure all boxes are filled right to the top and are taped closed = this will retain the boxes integrity and strength so we can stack them up in our trucks without crushing the contents.

Will World Moving disassemble and reassemble furniture & beds etc?

We will do as much or as little as you like. All our crew are trained to, and have tools for normal beds etc. If you have a very technical item that needs extensive kit setting or special tools, please discuss this with one of our consultants so we can plan for it. We do have handymen on hand for more difficult items of furniture. Please note: Handymen may come at an extra charge if the items are particularly technical.

Do all drawers need to be emptied?

No, often if the draws can remain full, if they are sturdy enough and the drawers are not too full of very heavy items. Lighter clothes and bedding etc are ok. Breakable items, magazines and books should be removed as they can pop the bottom of the drawers out if the roads are too rough. Our teams can remove the drawers from the unit to make it lighter while carrying in and out of the house. Loose miscellaneous items like pens, radios, etc should be removed from small bedside or desk draws as these sometimes need to be transported on their sides.

What about flammables like petrol cans and gas cylinders?

We are not permitted by law or by our insurers to carry anything that is highly flammable. Gas cylinders can be carried if they have been professionally purged and you can provide us with a certificate of purging, however, this is often not cost effective so other arrangements will need to be made. Lawn mowers and garden machinery can be moved by us however, we do ask you to drain all fluids before the moving day.

What happens if I can’t move into my new house on the same day as my stuff is picked up?

This is very common and something we often encourage to reduce stress and commitments on the “hand over” day. This will then give you plenty of time to clean your exiting home and complete final readings and legal requirements with lessor time pressures. We can load the truck one day, hold it overnight in our warehouse, then deliver it at an agreed time on another day that suits your plans. Depending on your move, there could be a small surcharge for this so please discuss the options with our consultant.

What happens at our new home?

Our team will place the furniture and cartons where you direct us to. At the end of unpacking the truck the team leader will walk around your new home with you to ensure you are happy with the furniture placement. If you feel a few items could be better placed our team will be happy to move items into a different arrangement for you, respectfully they will not have time to repeatedly rearrange.

Will the crew unpack for me?

Yes, we can if you wish, this is an optional extra. We have an amazing team of ladies who can set up the whole house for you if you like while you are at work or on holiday, or they can work with you to speed up your new homes’ set up

Will you take all the paper and cartons away?

Yes, we can collect the removal related materials free of charge when we are next passing near your home. Please flatten the cartons and keep everything dry. If general rubbish is added amongst the materials, a tipping and transport charge may apply.

What storage do World have?

We have lots of different options for storage. Our facility is bonded by Customs and MPI so it is not suitable if you wish to draw from your storage on a regular basis – a traditional self-storage facility would be better suited to that, and we can recommend one for you.

However, if you do wish to store with us for a day, a week or for years, you can and we can make the whole process seamless. Our facilities are modern, secure, have monitored alarms and have camera surveillance.

We can bring one of our clean, dry and breathable storage containers to your house, load it once, you put your lock on it, then we fork hoist it off at our yard. When your new house is ready, we will deliver the whole storage unit to your new home – no double handling , no huge extra costs for loading and unloading a truck and far less risk of damages – it’s a really great solution

What items are not allowed to be stored?

Flammable items such as fuels and oil-based paints, gas bottles, indoor plants any opened food such as oils, sauces etc.

Can you move a freezer with food in it?

For local moves, yes they can as a freezer can stay very cold for a long time as long as it is not opened. However, our team still need to be able to carry the freezer so it cannot be too heavy. Either you take the items out of the freezer and transport them in chilli bins or you box the items beforehand, then leave boxes in the freezer so we can carry the freezer empty and load the items back in once in the truck.

The trucks do not have power plugs, so for linehaul moves it is up to you how the frozen food is handled. Please note: We do not take any responsibility for fresh or frozen food if it is spoilt.

What will happen if our house doesn't settle at the time expected or until late in the afternoon?

Our crew are legally allowed to work 13 hours per day so we will not leave you “hanging”. This can sometimes happen with multiple settlements in a “chain”, or if the house you move into is not vacated and clean by the time we arrive with your goods. We have seen this all before and will create a suitable plan for you if this does happen on the day. Please note that if there are delays for any reason beyond our control there will be extra charges as we must pay wages to the team who could be on other paying work. If possible, communicate with the vendor of your new house long before the move so everyone has a clear a plan of times and reasonable expectations.

Will the crew remove their shoes?

Due to Health and Safety laws we are not permitted to remove our shoes, however, our team will lay down floor protectors in an attempt not to dirty the floor.

Do they disconnect the washing machine?

Yes, we can do this however, we can’t take responsibility for any leaks or flooding when reconnecting the washing machine. Often the movement of these seals and hoses reveal other hidden issues, such and weak or fractured connections or dry seals/ washers.

Don’t know where to begin with downsizing or decluttering?

We know, it is such a big chore and often can pull hard on the Heart strings to let go of sentimental items or things that had been quite valuable when you first purchased them. We do have trained staff that can help you with decluttering for a move or for a smaller home, please enquire with our consultant for ideas and assistance costs. Click here for a handy Decluttering advice prior to listing your home for sale

Do we need to empty the fridge?

Yes, as fridges are large, heavy and bulky so having food in them also will make lifting extremely difficult and risky

Do we need to be there while they are packing and loading?

It is recommended that you or someone who can make decisions is there while we pack up and move just in case an issue arises. We are trusted by corporates at times to do full pack, move, unload and set ups for their busy employees, however, have you there is more preferable.

Do you need us to save a parking area for the truck?

Yes please – this should be discussed with our consultant for the best area for our truck to park. Pricing is based on our team having good, clear access with a short walk. If a long walk, or difficult access is not discussed and preapproved in our costs, extra charges may apply

What happens if something gets damaged during my move – am I insured?

Because of our great experienced and caring team we have very few damages, however mistakes can happen and the risks are multiplied significantly when you move home. All goods are moved at owners’ risk. However, we can offer you different levels of insurance, full cover “Accidental Loss” for all dents and scratches etc or a less comprehensive “Limited Cover” that will cover you if everything is lost due to the truck or container overturning. Please click here for our insurance FAQs or contact your consultant for further clarification.

Are there any ‘hidden fees’? (key exchange/bad access)

We do our best with all the information we get from you to include all costs associated with your move. Anything that is included or excluded will be clearly spelt out in your quote. There are some scenarios where additional charges are unavoidable due to events entirely beyond our control, such as key “hold ups” during a house sale, or bad access where our truck cannot fit close to the house. These events have not been budgeted for during the calculation of your move cost. Our consultant will provide you with an inventory list of items that we have quoted to move, anything more than that may be charged for unless you have elected to move using our hourly rate option. If you intend on disposing of furniture before the move, but do not for any reason, please notify your consultant so we can plan accordingly

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