Commitment to Our Families

What makes us different
world moving and storage

We are the only company in the removal industry which can claim all staff have full time employment contracts. This emphasises our commitment to the retention of our staff and to our customers. We have fully qualified personnel who know and understand what is expected of them in terms our company's culture, procedures and values.

All staff have been through a rigorous interview process including police checking and induction procedures. This reduces risk of potentially problematic, uncommitted staff who do not understand 
the company culture. The management team actively addresses and mitigates the issue of theft by police checking and rigorously interviewing all new staff.

A saving plan has been offered and implemented to those who would like one. Employees may put aside a nominated amount per pay and it is paid out in December. This works in conjunction with our budgeting advisors. We have budgeting sessions to provide knowledge/tools to manage personal finances. The company identified the need to assist some staff with savings, and now also offers a Christmas savings scheme.