Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is a daily breakfast event for World Moving staff. Each team member contributes $2 a day to enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast three times a week. Continental breakfasts are provided twice a week.

The breakfast club is a great opportunity for social interaction amongst the team. We build a positive company culture and create more productive staff who start their day with a healthy breakfast. Staff don’t waste their personal money on unhealthy, takeaway food.

We have partnered with a professional nutritionist to make our breakfast club meals healthy and appropriate for the workday. A healthy breakfast helps staff stay alert, motivated and positive. Breakfast club adds to the overall culture and creates a highly energised workforce. Alert team members are more careful and focused while moving and packing items, but still work in an efficient manner. A full belly creates an environment that staff appreciate; this positivity carries over when they are interacting with customers.

Enjoy TV1’s story on the World Moving Breakfast Club!