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World Moving & Storage offers the best equipment and the best team in New Zealand to facilitate your move. Our shared decades of experience has taught us key lessons in moving across cities, countries or continents. As we continue to grow and learn we continue to raise our standards for providing great service and a stress-free move for all of our customers.

If you are moving to or from an area where we do not have a team available, we can find you a reliable moving partner who we hold to the same standards as the World Moving team. This partnership will ensure a smooth transition across Wellington, across the country or across the world.

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Professional Packing Service

World Moving & Storage uses high-quality packing materials for all of your possessions, including fragile and antique items. Tell our team what valuable items you would like to move and we will arrange custom cartons and crates. Don’t worry about antiques, bicycles, your wine collection, your mum’s wedding dress – it will arrive in Wellington safe and sound.

We move valuable and fragile items from short or long distances. Over the years, our team has developed a strict inventory management system that tracks your items from the moment they are packed away to the moment they are opened in your new home.

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Experienced, Trained and Reliable team.

World Moving & Storage takes pride in creating and training a consistently reliable and quality team. We do not hire casual labour or “ring ins” for projects. Our training and development is based off of the highest standards in New Zealand and has created a team motivated by a genuine passion for providing excellent customer service during your move.

Each staff member follows a vision “to continually learn and strive to be the most reputable business and employer in our industry, whilst creating financial sustainability and opportunity for our shareholders and employees.”

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