Commitment to Our Families

We are the only company in the removal industry that offers every staff member a full-time employment contract. Full-time contracts support our commitment to the retention of our staff and to our customers. We have fully qualified personnel who know and understand what is expected of them in terms our company’s culture, procedures and values.

All staff have been through a rigorous interview process including background checks and induction procedures. This reduces the risk of theft and potentially problematic, uncommitted staff who do not understand our company culture.

We offer and set up savings plans for interested. Employees may put aside a specified amount of their paycheck. The money is paid out every December. We advise our staff on saving best practices in conjunction with our budgeting advisors. Regular budgeting sessions give staff knowledge and tools to manage their personal finances.

World Moving & Storage implements these extra initiatives because we have a vision “to continually learn and strive to be the most reputable business and employer in our industry, whilst creating financial sustainability and opportunity for our shareholders and employees.”

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