6 Tips to Make Moving in Together a Breeze

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There comes a point in every long-term relationship where you realise you spend more time at your significant other’s place than your own. You’ve got your own toothbrush and a spare set of pyjamas at their place. Your overnight bag is constantly on the move with you. The signs are clear: it’s time to take the plunge and move in together. Here are 6 tips to make this milestone a breeze.

Have a trial period

Living together is completely different to just spending a few nights a week with each other or going on a long, relaxing holiday together. You’ll have to face this person every single day, no matter how little sleep you’ve gotten or how awful your day at work was.

To see whether you’re really ready for this major step, consider a two-week or one-month trial before you sign a lease together. You’ll get a glimpse of each other’s little quirks and see how well you can compromise and resolve issues. If all goes well, you’ll feel more confident about officially moving in together.

Arrange for the move itself to be stress-free

You’re already taking a really big step with your partner – the last thing you need is for your move to be stressful! Hire a professional moving company to take care of all the logistics and eliminate any chance of bickering between the two of you. If your partner is the one moving into your place, be as helpful as you can to truly make them feel welcome.

Decide how you’re going to divide household duties

A common mistake couples make when moving in together is thinking that the household duties will naturally fall into place in an egalitarian way. This is almost never the case, and soon you’ll find yourselves arguing over who last took the rubbish out or whose dirty dishes are in the sink.

Instead, decide ahead of time how you’re going to split the household duties. Are you going to have a roster that varies your responsibilities every week? Or are you each going to choose the tasks you prefer to do and stick to those consistently?

Get a hold of your finances

Talking about finances is awkward, we know, but money is an unavoidable topic when you’re living together. If you don’t have a candid discussion about finances, one person may end up footing the bill more than is fair, or living outside of their means to keep up with the other.

To avoid stressful arguments and financial problems in the future, you and your partner should sit down and come up with a budget that considers both of your earnings and expenses.

Don’t think you strictly have to share everything 50-50, especially if one person makes far more than the other. Instead, come to a mutually beneficial agreement and get it down on paper. For example, one person may be able to pay more of the rent because they have a significantly higher income. To compensate, the other may do all the grocery shopping and meal prepping. Whatever the arrangement is, make sure that you’re both open and communicative about your finances.


Retain your personal space

When you first move in together, you’ll want to be attached at the hip to your partner. Everything is new and exciting, and you won’t be able to get enough of each other. Best of all, you won’t have to lug your belongings around like a travelling salesman anymore!

However, make sure to carve out some time for yourself so that you don’t overwhelm yourself or your partner. You might want to pick a dedicated “me time” spot in your house, such as an armchair that you do all your reading in or a corner of the room that you like to unfurl your yoga mat in. Taking some time apart will make you better appreciate the fact that you do get to live with your significant other.

Don’t take your relationship for granted

After you’ve lived with your partner for some time, it can be easy to start to take it for granted. Your exciting date nights are quickly replaced by nights in on the couch, and while that has its own charm, it’s still important to liven up your relationship so as not to fall into mundanity. Make time for those date nights, grab some surprise flowers on the way home, and give compliments abundantly. The little things go a long way!

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