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How Much Of Your Old Life Should You Bring To A New Country?

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If you are moving overseas to start a new career, a large part of your planning will be about what exactly you are going to bring with you. Moving long term means that it takes more than simply packing a suitcase like you would with a normal holiday. You are moving house, and likely some […]

Why You Should Try Living Overseas At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Have you ever thought about moving overseas? The thought of leaving your convenience and safety at home for a completely new country can be a bit scary, and you don’t really know what’s to come. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, you’re about to face a huge change. However, moving overseas can […]

Four Things To Consider When Moving Your Family Overseas


Packing up and moving your family overseas can be a thrilling, but unnerving experience. Will your children adjust to their new home? Are all of your documents in place? And are you making the right decision in the long run? There will be many questions running through your mind when you are getting ready for […]