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Moving house? Things to let the movers pack and items you should pack yourself

Moving houses

It’s safe to say that until you actually decide to move, you don’t realise how much stuff you own. It can get overwhelming and you’ve certainly made the smart decision if you’ve hired professional packers and movers to do the heavy lifting. Moving companies are systematic and methodical. They’ll get the job done faster than […]

How to Negotiate Moving for a Job With Your New Employer

Skyscrapers World Moving

So you’ve been through the arduous application process and nerve-racking interviews, and have finally landed your dream job. The only catch is, it’s in an entirely different city. The move will of course mean a lot of hassle and expense, so you’ll want to negotiate with your new employer on how they can support you. […]

6 Tips to Make Moving in Together a Breeze

Couple holding hands

There comes a point in every long-term relationship where you realise you spend more time at your significant other’s place than your own. You’ve got your own toothbrush and a spare set of pyjamas at their place. Your overnight bag is constantly on the move with you. The signs are clear: it’s time to take […]

6 Tips To Keep Your New Home Organised

Often in our lives we think of ways of making our houses more efficient and clutter free when everything is already out of control. When moving into your new house you have an amazing opportunity to get things right from the outset. In those first few days after you’ve finished unpacking, everything will be in […]

How Much Of Your Old Life Should You Bring To A New Country?

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If you are moving overseas to start a new career, a large part of your planning will be about what exactly you are going to bring with you. Moving long term means that it takes more than simply packing a suitcase like you would with a normal holiday. You are moving house, and likely some […]

Why You Should Try Living Overseas At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Have you ever thought about moving overseas? The thought of leaving your convenience and safety at home for a completely new country can be a bit scary, and you don’t really know what’s to come. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, you’re about to face a huge change. However, moving overseas can […]