Moving to Canada from New Zealand

Relocating across the world can be a big task with a tight deadline. Our mission at World Moving is to ensure that your move with a smooth transition without any bumps in the road. Before you start packing, make sure you are aware of the following rules:

  • Your passport, residency documents and approved visa must be up to date before you enter the country.
  • Personal effects under a year old will be subject to duties and fees. Have an itemised list of these effects on hand when you enter Canada. (Effects older than one year will be duty free.)
  • You must be present at a customs office to clear and collect your personal effects.
  • In order to bring in an Inheritance or deceased estate, you need to present the death certificate, will or a letter from the executor.
  • You are not allowed to ship food.
  • Duties and fees will apply for bringing in alcoholic beverages.
  • A doctor’s prescription is required to bring prescription medication into Canada.
  • You need written approval to ship firearms.
  • Domestic pets can be relocated, but they will need health certificates and vaccinations.
  • Motor vehicles can be shipped as long as they comply with Canadian regulations. Proof of ownership is required.

For more information on customs and visas, check out our international resources.

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Professional Packing Service

Do not stress about shipping valuable items from New Zealand to Canada. World Moving & Storage provides packing materials designed especially for fragile freight. We can pack your items using specialty cartons for antiques, bicycles, books, wine, fine art and vintage clothing. We can even arrange custom crating for particularly large or fragile items.

World Moving has a strict inventory management system to track your valuable and ensure they are given the best care. We use this system if our customer is moving across the street or across the world. Follow your items as they enter into Canada.

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Experienced, Trained and Reliable Team

The World Moving team shares decades of international moving experience on projects of all sizes. We provide high-quality training and equipment to every single member of our staff to ensure we have the best minds and hands the business. When you work with World Moving & Storage, you work with the most passionate and experienced movers in all of New Zealand.

Our vision is also “to continually learn and strive to be the most reputable business and employer in our industry, whilst creating financial sustainability and opportunity for our shareholders and employees.”

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