Four Things To Consider When Moving Your Family Overseas


Packing up and moving your family overseas can be a thrilling, but unnerving experience. Will your children adjust to their new home? Are all of your documents in place? And are you making the right decision in the long run?

There will be many questions running through your mind when you are getting ready for your big move, but some issues are more pressing than others. Consult this quick guide to create a checklist of the biggest items on your to-do list.


Whether you are shipping out to Australia, Canada, or somewhere in between, you will need the proper documentation for yourself and each family member. If you get to the border and do not have the proper documentation (which varies depending on the visa and country you need to move successfully,) you may find yourself with a big headache at the border. Documentation can take a while to process, so make sure you ask yourself these questions now:

  • What visas are me, my spouse and my children applying for?
  • How long does this application process take
  • What documents will we need to present at the border?
  • Do officials need a proof of income or an address?
  • How does the documentation change for adults, children or pets?
  • Is there any documentation required to leave New Zealand (or whatever country you are in currently?)
  • What documentation will children need to apply for schools?
  • Apply for a job or credit card?
  • What documentation (passports, etc.) are expired and need to be updated?
  • These documents are some of the most pressing issues at hand. Make sure you get your documentation in order before sorting out other logistical items.

Your Living Situation

If you are moving for your job, you may have housing sorted out before you arrive in your new country. Otherwise, you may have to find a new place to live. While you are looking at houses online, be sure to consider the following factors:
The surrounding neighbourhood (friendliness, safety, etc.)
Available public or private transportation from your home to your new job(s)
Proximity to schools for your children
Proximity to community centres or neighbourhoods that will help your transition and remind you of home
Partner up with a real estate agent in the area to get insights into where you may be moving and how it will aid your family’s transition to a new country.

Schools and Education

Not all schools are created equal. Depending on the timing of your move, you may have to enrol your children in school sooner rather than later.

Before you enrol, check out potential schools online and how they compare to your child’s current education. Does each school meet your expectations? Will you have to spend more on a private school to get the best education for your child? Will your child be comfortable transferring to a school that is smaller, larger, more rigorous, etc. than their previous school?

Call the school before you enrol and talk to administration officers about what your child can do to prepare for transfer to their new school. If the school has a required summer reading curriculum, for example, your child can get a headstart and will not be behind when they arrive for the new school year. If teachers speak a different language or offer courses in specific subjects that interest your child, you can prepare them accordingly and get them excited before the big move.

Packing and Moving

And finally…what are you going to do with all of your stuff? You have spent years building a beautiful home with precious belongings that require love and care as they are moved overseas. Do not let go of precious memories and items because you are moving. There are many options for moving your family’s belongings overseas.

Even if you haven’t figured out your permanent address just yet, you can still have a smooth move overseas with all of your belongings. If you are staying with a family member or in a hotel when you first arrive, think about renting a storage unit.

When you are ready to hire international movers, choose a group of trusted experts who have experience moving homes over land and sea throughout New Zealand and across the world.

The team at World Moving and Storage are professional movers who understand how big the move overseas is to your family. We work together to carefully and tactfully, with our packing services, pack up your belongings and partner with a high-quality team in your new home to make sure the transition is smooth.

Reach out to our team for more information about how you can prepare for your big move.